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Umaru Pulavar, Manimandapam,Tuticorin | Tourist Information | South Tamilnadu
Umaru Pulavar, Manimandapam

Umaru Pulavar, Manimandapam, Tuticorin

Umaru Pulavar, Manimandapam
Ettayapuram,Tuticorin-628 902.
Historical Places :- Umaru Pulavar
00:00 AM to 00:00 PM and 00:00 PM to 00:00 PM .
Entrance Tickets 00:00(N/A)

Umaru Pulavar :-               Umaru Pulavar was a Tamil Muslim poet from Tamil Nadu, India. Umaru Pulavar was born in 1642 in the town of Ettayapuram in Thoothukudi district. He is celebrated as one of the greatest Islamic Poets of India Early life: The forefathers of the poet came to Tamil Nadu to sell perfumes and settled in Nagalapuram, before moving to Ettayapuram where the poet was born in 1642.

Umaru Pulavar’s literary talents flourished under Kadikai Muthu Pulavar court poet of the Ettayapuram Zamin. Literary works : Seerapuranam considered to be one of the best works by him, depicts the history related to Prophet Mohammed Nabi, and it contains 5,027 poems in three ‘Kandams’ (parts), which are Vilathathu Kandam, Noobuvathu Kandam and Hijurathu Kandam. Each of the ‘Kandams’ narrates various stages of the life of Nabi.

Umaru Pulavar Memorial: Recently the Government of Tamil Nadu has opened a memorial constructed for Umaru Ettayapuram in Thoothukudi District. The monument; a two-storied edifice, has a tomb and prayer hall in the ground floor with a library on the top floor and would be maintained by the Department of Information and Public Relations.