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Silver Mountain,Vellimalai,Theni | Tourist Information | South Tamilnadu
Silver Mountain,Vellimalai

Silver Mountain,Vellimalai, Theni

Silver Mountain,Vellimalai
Velimalai,Theni-625 531.
Hills Station :- Silver Mountain.
00:00 AM to 00:00 PM and 00:00 PM to 00:00 PM .
Entrance Tickets 00:00(N/A)

Silver Mountain : -            

         Distance from Theni to Vellimalai: 685 km Vellimalai, also known as the Silver Mountain, is located in the hills of Varusanadu. The Vaigai River, artificial lakes and tea and coffee estates are some of the tourist attractions of Vellimalai.

Vellimalai (Silver Mountain, 1,650 m) area is a heart of Meghamalai. Silver-lined clouds seem to rest gently on green hilltops and nestled somewhere in this region is the place where the river Vaigai originates. This lovely place will give an opportunity to see wild animals and aesthetically and scientifically managed tea gardens.