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Kudumiyamalai,Pudukottai | Tourist Information | South Tamilnadu

Kudumiyamalai, Pudukottai

Kudumiyamalai,Pudukottai-622 104.
Hills Station :- Kudumiyamalai.
00:00 AM to 00:00 PM and 00:00 PM to 00:00 PM .
Entrance Tickets 00:00(N/A)

Kudumiyamalai : -          

            It is an important site in the district famous for a few old temples of considerable beauty as well as archaeological interest. It is one of the oldest historic townships in the tract. The township was called as Thiru-nalak-kunram in earlier inscriptions and Sikhanallur in later ones.

The village had extended all around a hillock, at the foot of which, on the east, is the famous Kudumiyamalai temple complex. On and near a hillock there are four temples including a fine cave temple and a very large Siva temple, called Sikhanathasvami-koil, containing exquisite sculptures.

The musical inscription found on a face of the cave-temple is important in the musical history of India. There are nearly a hundred and twenty inscriptions in Kudumiyamalai. Approach : Kudumiyamalai is located on Pudukkottai-Kodumbalur-Manapparai road about 20 Kilometers from Pudukkottai.