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Sri Prasanna Venkatesar Temple,Madurai | Tourist Information | South Tamilnadu
Sri Prasanna Venkatesar Temple

Sri Prasanna Venkatesar Temple, Madurai

Sri Prasanna Venkatesar Temple
South Masi Street, Madurai-625 001.
Moolavar :- Prasanna Venkatesar, Krishnar Urchavar :- Srinivasar ,Amman / Thayar :- Alarmel Mangai .
6:00 AM To 12:00 AM And 5:00 PM To 9:00 PM.
Archanai/Pooja Tickets 00.00(N/A)
+914522332138, 9942119165.

Built In Year :-  500 years old.                                    

Festival:-      Panguni Brahmmotsavam in March-April; Aadi Pooram in July-August; Sri Rama Navami; Krishna Jayanthi in August-September; Rathasapthami in January and Purattasi Saturdays in September-October are the festivals celebrated in the temple.

Temple Speciality:-      Lord Perumal in the temple is a Swayambumurthi. Lord Maha Ganapathi in a standing posture paying respects to Uncle Perumal and holding discus and conch in His hands is a different depiction of Lord Vinayaka in the temple. Sri Garuda Bhagwan is at His feet in a worshipping posture. 

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