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Sri Agni Veerabadraswami Temple,Madurai | Tourist Information | South Tamilnadu
Sri Agni Veerabadraswami Temple

Sri Agni Veerabadraswami Temple, Madurai

Sri Agni Veerabadraswami Temple
Near Vasanth Nagar Bus Stop, Palanganatham, Madurai – 625 003.
Moolavar :- Agni Veerabadraswami , Amman / Thayar : -
6:30 AM To 9:00 AM And 5:30 PM To 8:00 PM.
Archanai/Pooja Tickets 00.00(N/A)
+914524376395, 9443055395.

Built In Year :- 500 years old.                                    

Festival:-      Besides regular special pujas on each Poornima day, the temple celebrates Shivrathri in February-March.

Temple Speciality:-      Lord Veerabadra appears with 8 hands holding weapons, a form called Rudra Palaka. He is wearing Rudraksha Mala. Daksha with his goat head is near Veerabadra being killed by the Lord under His feet. The idol is so live showing Veerabadra’s trident piercing Daksha’s neck. In one hand, He is holding a Deva attending the yaga to get the Havirbaga and a bell in the other hand used in the yaga puja. This is a very rare depiction of Lord Verabadra. 

Nearest Temple :-                                                     

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