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Sri Nei Nandeeswarar Temple,Vendanpatti,Pudukottai | Tourist Information | South Tamilnadu
Sri Nei Nandeeswarar Temple,Vendanpatti

Sri Nei Nandeeswarar Temple,Vendanpatti, Pudukottai

Sri Nei Nandeeswarar Temple,Vendanpatti
Vendanpatti,Pudukkottai-622 507.
Moolavar : Chockalingeswarar , Amman / Thayar : Meenakshi Amman.
7:00 AM to 11:00 AM and 4:30 PM to 8:00 PM.
Archanai/Pooja Ticket 00.00(N/A)

Built In Years : -    1000 - 2000 Years Old .                                            

Festival : -        Mahasivarathri (February-March), Arudra Darshan (December-January), Iypasi Annabishekam (October-November) are the Shiva related festivals are grandly celebrated in the temple. Nandhi is bathed in Ghee this day and decorated with 21 types of garlands followed by Deeparadhanas (worshipping with Lamps). This is a very important festival observed in the temple.          

Temple Speciality : -    

             We generally see flies and ants gathering around the place where ghee is spilled in the houses. Though litres of ghee are used for the abishek of Nandhi in this Vendanpatti temple, we cannot see a single ant or fly coming near the idol.  

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