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Sri Athmanathar Temple,Pudukottai | Tourist Information | South Tamilnadu
Sri Athmanathar Temple

Sri Athmanathar Temple, Pudukottai

Sri Athmanathar Temple
Avudayarkoil, Pudukkottai - 614 618 .
Moolavar :- Athmanathar , Amman / Thayar :- Yogambal
6:00 AM to 12:00 PM and 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM.
Archanai/Pooja Ticket 00.00 (N/A)

Built in year : - 500 years old.                                       

Festivals: -     10 day Aani Tirumanjanam in June-July; Margazhi Thiruvadhirai – Tiruvembavai festival 10 days – in December-January are the two great festivals celebrated in the temple. The Aani (June-July) festival is also considered very important. 

Temple Speciality: -                                

     This temple was built by Saint Manickavasagar, the prime minister of Arimardhana Pandian. Iron screws are used in the construction of mandaps. Stone chain, the musical pillars of Panchakshara Mandap are of high architectural values. Of the two pillars in the big mandapa, 1000 small pillars are carved.

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